Update- Home

“We are now beginning our descent into Edmonton...If this is home for you, welcome home.”


It feels weird being home. I got lost on the way to my local grocery store. I don’t know where everything is in my kitchen at home. And google keeps asking me to rate some of my favourite local places so “other visitors know what to expect” (I know this happens to everyone but if you go to Tims everyday I’m pretty sure google chills out).


I could go for coffee everyday with people at home and it wouldn’t even come close to making up for that lost time. I definitely feel out of the loop with a lot of things. It seems like everything is the same but it’s got this weird filter on it. 

I know people are trying to update me over coffee dates as much as possible and no one is actually trying to make me feel like I don’t belong here. It’s just the way it goes- when the world spins on here without me, I can’t just expect to land back in Edmonton and be home.


I’m not really landing in Edmonton for long either, after this two month summer layover I’ll be heading back to university south of here. And after that, I don’t know where I’ll end up. My travel list is now longer than ever and I’m already budgeting and planning for another trip elsewhere. 


As far as writing and blogging goes, there has definetly been a lack of posts lately. When I was abroad, I attended blogging events and put a good deal of effort into researching blogging and how to be better at it. I found out that blogging isn’t really 100% about writing, it’s about selling the writing. To do that, blogging becomes a business where bloggers should create a brand. Personally, that doesn’t suit me because my writing is intentionally pretty personal. My life isn’t a brand and I change far too much for my writing to ever be fit into one. I plan to continue blogging casually and trying out different avenues for my writing (like how I posted my most recent article “So you just graduated” on a site I found called vocal- read that here). So I might not be blogging every single week, but I will be writing every single week for sure. This blog will serve as a portfolio more than anything.


If you are interested in travelling and want to know more about my trip, please contact me. I’d love to help other people figure out how to go abroad and experience making another place home, or even just travelling and learning more about different countries.


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