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The Youth Journal - Staff Writer

The Complexities of the Label Refugee

Australians to Vote on Same Sex Marriage

Opinion: Where is the Women's March Now?

The Schengen Agreement: The Undiscussed Policy Behind EU Immigration and Brexit

Feature on So About That Closet

There's More to Belgium Than Just Waffles

Feature on Roaming Love Travel

Nuraghes in Sardinia

Vocal- Contributing Writer

The freedom Vocal offers writers is awesome for me and I feel these pieces are excellent examples of some of my better writing. 

Wander- 5 Lessons Learned from 5 Months Studying Abroad

Wander - Being Home After 5 Months of Living Abroad

Journal- So You Just Graduated

Feature in The Other Half Mag

Travelling Alone as a Women

Feature in Harness Magazine

 Blogging in College- Worth it?

The University Network- Contributing Writer

Sustainable Development Goals -Gender Equality in Politics

The Best Methods to Stay Organized in University

Canadian Students Welcome Refugees with WUSC's Resettlement Program

          -also published in The University of Lethbridge's student magazine The Meliorist

Applying Minimalism in College

Research Papers: Go Above and Beyond!

Lad Culture on College Campus

Universities Make Sustainable Energy a Priority

Virginia Tech Residential Leadership Community Ties Praxis Projects to SDGs

Personal Blog - topics on feminism, travel, and the occasional real talk lifestyle article

Update- Being Home


Never Feeling Home- Homesickness on Exchange    

Sardinia vs. Canada   

A Feminist Guide to London 

Croatia and the Privilege of Peace

Goals, Happiness, and Coffee

I lived with a family in Sardinia for ten days 

Sardinia vs. Canada: Difference in Canada 

Work in Progress 

France: Arras + Los-en-Gohelle 

Kate's Completely Unhelpful Guide to London 

Right Where I was Attending the Protest, There had Been an Attack  

Female Travel Fears- Our Experience in Dublin  

1 Year of Living Authentically 

UK Week 10- is this Paradise?   

Edited by Kate Korte, Guest Post by Jemilla on Black Feminist Style 

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day  

Why Get Married? 

5 Things I Learned From Travelling Alone 

Edited by Kate Korte, Guest Post by Richard Brooks titled Deemed Undesirable- The Innocence of Privilege

UK Week 6-Luxembourg Weekend

UK Week 5- One Month Away

UK Week 4- Protesting Trump's Travel Ban 

Cute Date Ideas, Love, and Trump's Muslim Ban

Women's March on London

UK Week 1- Interrupting Feminist

5 Books That Flipped My Perspective in 2016

Carbon Levy/Tax: What it is and isn't

#NewYear No Phone

Confessing My Love For Education

Edited by Kate Korte, Guest Post by Jon Davies titled Feminism as a Male: Balancing Privilege and Participation

The US Election: Laugh About it and What Happens Next

On Beauty: a definition

The Locker Room Helped Feminism

5 Amazing Women and Girls Making History

A Case of Wanderlust: The Privilege of Travel

The Power of Social Media

Changing the Conversations around Eating Disorders

Edited by Kate Korte, Guest Post by Sophia Quaderi titled Understanding Feminism

I am Racist

Don't Wife Me Up: Examining Privilege and Marriage

Gender and the Olympics: Dutee Chand

All Lives Matter: On White People and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Boys Will be Boys

I am Privileged

Mental Illness and the Happiest Girl in the World

How to Live Authentic 

Academic Writing

Presented at the University of East London Undergraduate International Development Conference - Mental Health and Incarcerated Women in Canada: The Deaths of Camille Strickland-Murphy, Victoria Park, and Ashley Smith 

Presented at the University of Lethbridge Undergraduate Religious Studies Conference - Sakti as a Political Force: Hinduism and Feminism