A collection of Kate's writings on feminism and travel and etc. etc.

kateelizab.com is a collection of kate's writings and work, largely centered around feminism and travel. 





About Kate Korte

I am a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Political Science. I created this blog in March 2016 after a 2 month social media detox opened my eyes to how influential a social media presence can be. Since then, I have collaborated and wrote articles for The Balance Project, Harness Magazine, The Other Half Mag, So About That Closet, YEG Blog, and The University Network.  I'm currently a freelance writer and a Staff Writer for The Youth Journal. 


I don't think this blog is going to rewire the minds of nations or influence world leaders to change policies (that would be super cool though - world leaders please see my contact page if interested). Feminism is something I've always been very passionate about, in junior high I skipped class (with permission from my teachers) to give presentations about various issues to every class in the school. In High School I let that slip. All I wanted was to be happy and I equated happiness with being socially accepted. 


This blog ultimately started when I was 11, with a magazine and website I started at my school called "The Girlz Gazette", I got contributions from my friends and wrote on riveting topics such as monthly horoscopes and song lyrics. I looked at the magazines on the shelves and I saw celebrities, not girls like me. I ultimately created this blog for the same reason. I looked on social media and saw idolized girls living crazy lives, not girls like me.


The blog is an extension of my own thoughts, which are subject to constant change. 

For more on my "Live Authentic" journey see this post.



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